Enter the Fun

Fun Wine is a flavor-first, good-to-go,
premium wine cocktail.

Miami born, for the pursuit of fun.

Taste Beyond Boundaries

True Fun Comes in Bold Flavors

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Taste Beyond Boundaries

True Fun Comes in Bold Flavors

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The Vision of A New Possible

Yes, we always aim to look as good as we taste.

So… where does our one-of-a-kind vibe come from? FUN WINE is inspired by music, art and fashion, and of course the vibrant culture and vibe of Miami. We collaborated with Miguel Paredes, a New York City-raised artist who takes graffiti art to the next level. Miguel’s boundary-busting vision has lit up city streets and galleries and collections around the world.

Bottles or billboards. Walls or sidewalks. True creativity can’t be contained.


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What makes FUN WINE different

FUN WINE is flavor first
embodies who you are and how you live without sacrificing quality or taste
- a mindset, an attitude, your lifestyleFUN WINE - “is fire” 

Fun Wine is a low-alcohol (5.5%), carbonated flavored wine made with all natural flavors and sweetened with Monk Fruit.

- all about quality, authenticity, freedom and creative expression. We’ve delivered Miami in a bottle - inspired by the flavors of the city, the vibrant multi-cultural scene, where art, music and fashion collide and “everyday” is a reason to have FUN WINE

More flavor - less sugar
More fun - less alcohol
More natural - less guilt

What is the best way to enjoy FUN WINE?

The best way is cold or on the rocks, with friends, family, outdoors or indoors. Just simply take it with you to every FUNtastic occasion!

What is Monk Fruit?

Monk fruit is popular worldwide as a healthier sweetener alternative. The sacred fruit was discovered over a thousand years ago in China’s remote highlands and prized for its sweetness.

Unlike other sweeteners that get their sweetness from fructose or sucrose, Monk Fruit gets it from antioxidants called mogrosides.

Monk fruit has zero glycemic impact and zero calories. Monk fruit doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste of other sweeteners; it has a pure, sweet taste and the closest flavor profile to sugar.

Monk fruit is becoming more popular worldwide as a healthier sweetener alternative, but many people still see it as a mystery. Over a thousand years ago, the sacred fruit was discovered in China’s remote highlands and prized for its sweetness.

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