Our Unique Designs

Designed by Pop Graffiti Artist Miguel Paredes.

Our captivating collection of bottles features art that seamlessly blends street art, pop art, and Japanese anime inspired art. These designs are described as "explosive" and "trend-forward," capturing the vibrant energy and excitement of modern life.

Celebrated for their explosive and trend-forward designs, these bottles capture the vibrant spirit of modern life. This distinctive art style has gained popularity across diverse circles.

Ecah bottle is a piece of collectible art, admired for its ability to embody the energy adn excitement of today's culture. They are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of artistic flair to their everyday.

“This bold product and what it offers to people around the world inspired me to create images that are both strong in color and palette, as well as encompassing evocative images and designs that appeal to people everywhere.”